O3R Rules

This document below details the Contractual Agreement between Outcast Republic and its members.

Outcast Republic Contractual Agreement

Welcome and thank you for your interest in being part of our wonderful and growing community! Here at O3R we strive to provide an outstanding game play and community experience for all of our members. In doing so, we have strict guidelines on what is tolerated to protect you and others from toxic people who may come across our community. Below are a few simple “Customs and Regulations” better known as a “C&R” to help advance the community.

-Oberherrschaft (Community Manager)

General Community Guidelines

(C&R 110.0) Conducting Yourself

You will always conduct yourself in our Teamspeak with respect for your fellow players.

(110.1) Integrity - To do what's right, legally and morally. You will, when speaking to a staff member, not misguide them or be dishonest when making a report. In a staff case you will be clear and concise, providing video evidence to demonstrate clearly what the issue is.

(110.2) Respect - You will maintain a bearing regardless of your age. If you feel you are not being understood, or you wish to escalate the matter, you may request a transfer to a higher up. You will not be disrespectful to the individual who is assisting no matter the circumstance.

(110.3) Trolling -  Trolling is defined as actions taken for the intent of causing frustration to other players outside their gameplay experience. If you are told to stop, you will correct your behavior and not continue the behavior you demonstrated. If it becomes an issue or routine behavior, you may be administered corrective action

(110.4) Hate Speech, Racism, and Toxic/Offensive Topics - While we do encourage free speech and use of vulgarity in appropriate context, at no time will you go into someone's private channel and use terms to disrespect/harass the player. If you are asked to stop, think about what you are saying and how it could be seen as offensive. Correct your action and do not demonstrate that as routine behavior. In our teamspeak and in game, we have players of different backgrounds, creeds, and beliefs. As a member, it is your responsibility to provide a respectful and accommodating community for any person who wishes to enjoy O3R. In any medium of communication, our players are expected to uphold our community guidelines. In private channels, vocal interaction will be determined and moderated by the owner of the channel.

(110.5) Threatening, DDOSing, Phishing, and Doxxing - Threatening of a player with physical action, will result in a permanent ban. Threatening of a player by means of exposing personal information that was not freely given and consented will also result in a permanent measure to remove you from this community. Denial-of-service attacks and Phishing links are not tolerated or condoned by this community. Members who partake in this activity will be dealt with swiftly. If you are a victim to this crime, immediately unplug your router for 2 minutes, and call your ISP. Once you’re able to reconnect, let one of the Community Managers know so we can better assist you, this will be one of the only times you may jump the chain of command.

(C&R 111.0) Cheating/ Unfair Advantage

Cheating or giving yourself an unfair advantage is not behavior tolerated in Outcast Republic.

(111.1) Glitches/Exploiting and Metagaming - Are minor forms of cheating that are not tolerated. If something is questionable it is your responsibility as a player on Outcast Republic to report it. If you are caught you may be temporarily removed from the community and your personal stance in the community will be discussed between High Staff. The only way for this to ban to be appealed is the individual in question, presents a video to the Director of Development (Beevers) or Project Lead explaining how the exploit was done, so we can patch it. Once the patch is completed, the player in question will talk with two of the three Community Managers for a possible unban.

(111.2) Lag Switching/Use of Cheat Engines and Auto Clickers - Are major forms of cheating and is not allowed on O3R. Having an item is considered an integrity violation (Refer to 110.1). If caught, it will result as a permanent ban. This is something that cannot be appealed.

Miscellaneous Community Guidelines

(113.1) Chain of Command: How to use it - Command consists of all Staff members. 

Trial Staff are trainees who have expressed interest and have proven to know the community inside and out. They are the first step in handling any situation, they are typically accompanied by a higher up. They are the first person you will go seek to handle your situation. 

Moderators are individuals who have proven and understood the vision of O3R. If no trial staff are on, you may go to a Moderator to assist you in whatever it is you need help with. 

Senior Moderators hold one of the most important positions. For they oversee both Moderators and Trial Staff and are the “NCO” of the lower end of staff. Thus they are responsible for escalating an incident to the higher authority. Senior Moderators will also scout for new potential staff members and report violations of their subordinates to higher staff if need be. 

Admins are those who have been with us and have demonstrated the standard that is Outcast Republic. They hold no affiliation or seek personal gain from anything other than a job well done. They guide the structure of O3R and lay the foundation for new avenues of approach in regards to the direction of the community. Admins are hand selected by the Head Admin and approved by the Director of Staff (Ober).

Senior Admin and Head Admin are a position appointed by the Community Managers and approved by the Director of Staff. The Head Admin will be assisted by his or her personal team of Senior Admins. Senior Admins are the pinnacle of all game related issues across every platform. Generally, they are assigned tasks throughout the week, such as scheduling a staff meeting, potential C&R changes (approved by all Community Managers, Staff promotees, and anything not covered in the C&R that needs clarification in a staff case. 

Head Admin is the overseer of all of staff, who reports directly to the Director of Staff in any event dealing with the removal of a staff member Moderator to Senior Admin. The Head Admin may fill a position in time of lower staff count or availability. The Head Admin is responsible for promotions Trial Staff to Moderator and does not require the permission to do so. Any promotions Moderator Plus is a collaborative effort between the Head Admin and the Director of Staff.


Community Managers who were appointed and selected by the community at it's start hold more authority than Head Admin, but are second in decision making to the Director of Staff in regards to Staff related decisions. However, they can provide their insight (opinion) on Staff decisions.  

Director of Staff (Ober) holds the sole responsibility of removing and promoting any individual between the ranks of Senior Admin and Moderator. The Director of Staff is the highest rank in all of the chain of command and should only be notified for anything covered in (C&R 110.5) and the reporting of a staff member (and for abuse). 

NOTE: The Development team holds ZERO Authority unless they hold a Staff Rank.*

(113.2) Private Channels - Private Channels are given to our donors, inside your channel, as channel owner you are responsible for what behavior you allow (Refer to 110.4). If you give access via password anyone with that password can join. If you no longer wish to have someone join in the channel the Channel Owner may change the password. Do not create a habit of giving your password out just to revoke it. This may result in the loss of your channel. Staff members are allowed to enter your channel on for Staff related issues. If a Staff member joins for recreational purposes you may ask that person to leave as Channel Owner. However, do so respectfully. If you feel the Staff member created an issue (Refer to 110.A) for a report appropriated by the Chain of Command.

(113.3) Donation Information - (113.3A) Shareholders: Shareholders are not the literal definition of a shareholder. A shareholder here on O3R can conduct a meeting with the Community Managers to discuss things they would personally like to see benefit the community. For example, if a shareholder decides that adding a weapon pack to the game would benefit the servers player base, that shareholder can form a Google Doc explaining exactly what weapons they want added and why it would be beneficial to the longhaul of the server. The community managers would observe the document and make ⅔ majority vote on whether the document contains legitimacy and validity. If so, it’s something we would add after our approval and presenting it to the community for their approval.

(113.3B) Advancing in Donation Status: How to - Here at Outcast Republic, we greatly appreciate your help in paying for various expenses. The Community Managers have decided in order to show our appreciation along with all the other donation advantages, add a way that levels up your donation status. A way to do this is as follows,

Ex: If you purchase Bronze donator ($10) and it has been twenty-one days since that donation and you wish to donate ($15) more, that would put you at ($25) donated. Silver donator is ($25), thus you upgraded your status without having to renew your bronze donator first. The Community Managers decided we would give a twenty-one day window to upgrade your status.  

Signed by: Oberherrschaft, Beevers, Risky (On: 20180421 @ 1008 Hours PST)